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Idina Menzel & Kristen Bell stopped by Good Morning America this week to discuss Frozen 2 and to FINALLY share some of the story of the new film.

The stars who play Anna and Elsa went to great lengths to keep the story of the anticipated sequel a secret.

One week until the Frozen 2 release … and the critics are starting to chime in. USA Today has brought together some of the reviews that have been shared.

Is “Frozen 2” going to live up to expectations?

After Thursday night’s Los Angeles premiere, Anna and Elsa’s second cinematic endeavor is looking like a major success.

Critics, stars and film fans took to social media after the sequel screened at the Dolby Theater in Hollywood, with reaction ranging from begrudgingly complimentary to absolutely adoring.

Here’s a sample of first impressions.

Selena Gomez, who brought her 6-year-old sister to Thursday’s premiere, put it simply: “Frozen 2 was amazing!!!” the pop star wrote on Instagram.

The Disney princesses took on bigger themes this time, tweeted film critic Clayton Davis, noting that the sequel “sincerely acknowledges that it’s fanbase has grown over the last 6 years, and they have new things to learn in a changing world. Songs are plentiful. Beautiful shots at times. It was something I REALLY needed.”

Atom Tickets film writer Alisha Grauso wrote on Twitter that she cried “at least 3 times,” saying the sequel “is breathtakingly beautiful and leans in on empowerment for its characters … From the story to the last thread on Elsa’s dress, the care and love put into it shows. And, good news, every one of Team Elsa gets at least one solo this time around.”

Writer/director Ben Mekler tweeted that “Frozen 2” is “the rare sequel that surpasses the original.

“The scope is twice as staggering, the action twice as thrilling … the songs twice as catchy. Didn’t think I needed a sequel to FROZEN, but turns out I was very, very wrong.”

Mashable entertainment editor Angie J. Han wrote on Twitter that despite obvious box office demand for a “Frozen 2,” the resulting film offers “plenty to love here: eye-popping fantasy sequences, nice moments for your faves, LOTS of new songs (including) the earworm-y “Into the Unknown,” and an unbearably cute new critter.”

Business Insider entertainment reporter Jason Guerrasio called “Frozen 2” a worthy sequel with an inspiring story.

“Elsa rides a water horse and it’s breathtaking. The song “Into the Unknown” is primed to be “Let It Go”-like addictive (sorry parents). And there’s even an ‘80s ballad… sung (by) Weezer in the end credits! Get ready!!!

Self-described Disney aficionado Sky Shuler agreed that the sequel surpasses the original.

“I can’t believe I am saying this, but FROZEN 2 is better than its predecessor. Darker, a little more mature, but still an excellent film for families, the songs believe it or not are catchier, so parents beware. SEE THIS MOVIE! #Frozen2

But not everyone was totally over the moon.

Film critic Scott Menzel tweeted that the sequel lost “some of the magic of the original” but found that the new “soundtrack is surprisingly superior.” He added that “Kristoff, Sven, & Olaf standout even though the script leaves Anna & Elsa out in the cold. It is a decent sequel but definitely a step down from the first.”

The cutest review came courtesy of a little girl at the “Frozen 2” premiere in Hollywood Thursday night.

“That was so good!” a little voice rang out in the darkened Dolby Theater after a particularly emotional scene, prompting laughter among the adults.

“Frozen 2” hits theaters Nov. 22.

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